Seth Troxler made headlines when it was announced he would use ADE to give charitably



Whilst most attendees of the conference are still struggling to remember where they left the majority of their brain cells, Seth Troxler is making the world a better place, one carrot at a time.

Coming good on his promise to help cook for the homeless, the DJ has made a video about the experience. Working with volunteer organisation 10,000 Hours, he helped cook dishes including gazpacho for some of Amsterdam’s less fortunate.

Born into poverty himself, Troxler makes some pointed comments about the nature of living on the street, picking on the economic climate as a factor for change. "Homelessness is not a weird medical condition. It's just people that had or are in an unfortunate situation. And we need to respect that." Textbook stuff really.


Watch the video above, and check out the other great work that 10,000 Hours do here.


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